Reflections on the OTO: Part III — The Slandering

After I left the OTO, a malicious campaign was launched to teach new members in the Atlanta area that I was not to be trusted, was prone to violence, and was an abuser of women. Specifically that I was guilty of sexually assaulting a woman during an initiation.

Me. The guy who put the “Ho” in “Homosexuality.” They claimed that I sexually assaulted a woman in an initiation ritual while acting as Saladin (the title of the Most Mysterious Master when in the Camp of Minerval).

I know this because I was repeatedly cyber-stalked by a vapid little troll who called herself “Soror Agape-Satori.” (Yeah, how original). She would find a profile of mine anywhere she could–a dating site, a social media site, etc.–and proceed to accuse me of sexual assault, dealing drugs, doing drugs, and everything short of murder. It was all very laughable because every time she did, I made sure to tell the world that the word of a Master Magician is MABN (which is a big no-no for OTO folks–saying it aloud is even worse because its “sacred virtue” might be impaired…it’s pronounced MAH-BEN, by the way). Every time that skanky little creep reared her ugly head in my life, I let MABN fly all over the Internet.

Eventually, other members began to contact me but not to urge me to kill myself (as the oh-so-originally-named “Agape-Satori” so often did), but to seek my help. They were sick of being abused, taken advantage of, and treated like the personal checking accounts of higher degree members. I would encourage them to quit the order and many of them did. Later, I would have the same conversation with members leaving the Not-So-Free Illuminism movement.

The lack of originality in the trolling I received was second only to the lack of originality in the magical names of the people trying to troll me. “Agape-Satori” joined the ranks of countless “Nuit-Babalon”s, “Bablon-Nuit”s, “IO-PAN”s, “IAO-PAN”s, “SHIVA-RA”s, “SHIVA-SET”s, and countless other banal combinations of words and phrases common to the Thelemic milieu.

It’s all such sweet idiocy. I often took great delight and reading their online ritual journals as these people were more wrapped-up in their egos than in doing any real magic. Their grasp of the fourth power of the sphinx was weak at best and, quite often, nonexistent.

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