The Parasite Life

You can’t really move a story like this; it just won’t sell. The writer writing about writing is a no-go. It’s cliched, done to death, and never worth the editor’s trouble to slog through to the end. Still, every writer has one in him and needs to let it out. This is mine. Happy Holidays.

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The Man in the High Castle: Anticipating Season 3

Amazon’s amazingly relevant serial adaptation of Philip K. Dick’s classic novel, The Man in the High Castle, is slated to return on October 5th. My expectations have been severely diminished by revelations in a new teaser.

Spoilers ahead.

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Solo Flops & Confirms My Hypothesis

The failure of Solo: A Star Wars Story adds considerable weight to my argument that consumers of popular media crave original stories about original characters with original plots expressed in tight arcs. Sticking someone else in Harrison Ford’s clothes, in Harrison Ford’s ship, and with Harrison Ford’s Wookie simply doesn’t cut it. Originality counts.

The same lack of originality is what condemned Feig’s Ghostbusters reboot to a mediocre box office haul. Ditto Marvel’s efforts to wow fans by breaking lore in order to put new faces in old costumes–it simply didn’t work because it was a cheap gimmick that lacked vision.

Again, originality counts.