Lovecraft was a racist, but Marion Zimmer Bradley molested her own children: The Spec-Fic Shit-Show Never Ends

In the perpetual shit-show that is spec-fic publishing, much has been made in recent years of the racism of H.P. Lovecraft. However, few people know the grotesque truth about beloved feminist science-fiction and fantasy author Marion Zimmer Bradley.

Marion Zimmer Bradley (MZB) was a driving force in feminist fantasy for decades. Her acclaimed works spawned many imitators and encouraged young women to try their own hand at writing. Unfortunately, MZB and her husband were actively molesting their children at the pinnacle of her fame. Worse yet, there are hints and whisperings of her disturbing predilections in her work.

Lovecraft was a horrible racist who looked down on people who weren’t like him. Marion Zimmer Bradley, however, betrayed the sacred trust of her own children. Neither of them is worth emulating, and when reading their works, these things should be kept in mind.

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  1. Wow. I never knew this. I was actually looking for a new fantasy series to read (cause I just finished Kingkiller) and saw her on some list. I think she will get a pass because after all… she isn’t a white straight male.


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