My Take on Trump

A friend of mine asked (in response to my recent blog entry about the POTUS’ COVID-19 diagnosis) why I didn’t take more umbrage at Donald Trump. I sighed and told him the reason, which I now share with you….

In 2016, as in 2020, I supported Bernie Sanders. I feel that Bernie has the best track record as a genuine progressive and has been sincere from the start. In 1983, when the Democrats were actively ignoring gay voters because of the HIV/AIDS scare, Bernie advocated for gay rights including marriage. The man was arrested during the Civil Rights movement. He doesn’t just talk the talk, he walks the walk. Hillary, on the other hand, is and was a homophobic bigot who thinks gays should be second class citizens and, as a young woman, campaigned for Barry Goldwater. ’nuff said.

But more importantly, I knew that when the DNC railroaded Bernie, that they had doomed themselves. All statistical models pointed against Hillary winning. Even as people chimed in “Well, what about ‘Grab ’em by the pussy?'” I knew that she didn’t stand a chance: mathematical models are built with certain predictions built in and, no matter the size of the shitstorm that came Trump’s way, he was going to win.

So I resigned myself early on to four years of the meanest, most corrupt, and least competent President in the history of the United States. I made peace with the fact that Trump was going to have the White House and there was nothing anyone could do about it. I entered a state of blissful political zen and am still quietly chanting “OM…G” over and over in the back of my mind. I think I saw Dave Grohl, even.

So I take refuge in the old saying, “This, too, shall pass.” There’s nothing I can do to change what has happened and I knew that, if I fixated on Trump’s constant stream of gaffs and scams, I’d lose my mind completely. I opted for sanity over inanity and, so far, I’ve been pleased with the results.

Don’t get me wrong: Trump’s a buffoon, a crook, a charlatan, and a would-be despot. But those things I can’t prevent; I can, however, hold my head up, square my shoulders, and march into the future with my eyes open and my arms wide.


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