A Great if Underrated Band

As many of you may know, I’m a huge fan of progressive (prog) rock and progressive (prog) metal. My first big writing break came when I wrote a few tongue-in-cheek pieces for toolband.com in the early 2000s—that’s the official website of the rock band Tool.

Tool’s original bassist, Paul D’Amour, left the band on good terms before the band released their second full-length studio album. Justin Chancellor was selected to replace Paul and left his original band, Peach (or Peach GB—Yanks, amirite?) to join Tool. Years later, the members of Peach would reform as Suns of the Tundra.

I loved Peach when I heard them. It was love at first listening. I loved Suns of the Tundra just as fiercely after the first track I ever heard.

Suns are about to release a new album and I’m stoked. The title track has already been released and you can listen to the track and pre-order the album here:

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