Madison Cawthorn & Left-Homophobia

Madison Cawthorn is a bit of a hypocrite, to be sure. He makes crazy claims about drug-fueled sex parties in Washington, D.C. yet appears to be something of a libertine, himself. Fine. But let’s be clear: leaked videos of two men in bed doing–silly things, that’s all I’ve got because that’s not sex–crosses a bit of a line.

It’s clear that Cawthorn isn’t having sex in the video. It’s clear that he’s naked in bed with another man, but that doesn’t make what they’re doing “sex.” Their relationship is very close, they’re intimate on a level, but that’s not sex.

But the video was leaked and it was meant to prey on one sentiment and one sentiment only: revulsion at and with gay sex. That is, the people who released the video did so in order to pander to homophobic sentiments which exist on the left.

There’s a line….

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