A Month Back in Azeroth

“So, what if something major changed?” My friend asked me this about going back to WoW.

“Sure,” I said. “If something major changed, I’d be willing to give it another shot.”

Then Microsoft did a thing and I am back in Azeroth playing Classic and Classic TBC.

Many of the old problems are still there, and I have no doubt that the touted change at Blizzard is a corporate woke-screen. But let’s be clear: Something major changed and the subscription was free (my friend compensated me for three months at one month at a time–then he was called out of country leaving me to solo my way around the virtual world I’ve come to know and love-hate.)

Of the old problems, I’m seeing a lot of assholes, edge lords, and flakes. But there are also some great folks, too. I found a guild and I’m enjoying myself again. I doubt the sincerity of ABK in trying to reform, but that’s the norm with any corporate entity.

Moreover, I’m finding that my understanding of personality and character selection are helping me to navigate interpersonal problems as they arise. I’m also discovering that the proteus effect is very real and very much a part of many players’ lives.

After a month back in Azeroth, I am not sure if I will stay or go. But it’s been a different sort of experience, proving that my studies in psychology are well worth the effort.

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