An Unusual Conundrum…

A friend of mine from my World of Warcraft days sent me an email. He’s playing WoW’s “Season of Mastery” and wants me to play with him. I know what he wants—and he wasn’t shy about telling me—he wants me to be a healbot for his raids. But that’s fine: I’m a phenomenal healer.

The problem here is that I don’t know that I want to go back to the game. He’s offered to pay for my subscription in three-month intervals to see if I like it and if he’s still interested as I level from 1 to 60 again. But between school (PhDs are kind of time consuming) and other life duties (work when it suits me, health maintenance, and writing), I’m not sure if I can commit to even three months of game time.

The guy is really cool and we always got along in WoW. He understood that I didn’t like being a healer but that I was also too paranoid to let anyone else do it. I was always the asshole healer, too—the guy who healed the tank and would let the damage classes die if they weren’t careful about their threat levels. As a tank, he always appreciated that because we both viewed our roles as the central axis of the party: everyone else was there to burn the boss down while he and I kept the boss occupied; when we encountered a hunter, mage, or rogue who didn’t understand that, it wouldn’t end badly for us—for the DPS who thought they were the party or the raid, that was a different story.

So, while I am tempted, I don’t know. I just don’t know. Anyone have any thoughts?

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