Fun Fact About Me

Memory is strange. It’s a tricky thing. There are important events, people’s names, etc. that I just can’t recall unless I first think of something else. Often, I have to audibly say something aloud in order to access the otherwise inaccessible memory. It’s odd because I can almost never remember the name of the first doomed space shuttle unless I first audibly say “Teacher in space.” Then the word “Challenger” floats up from the murky depths.

In a similar way, I honestly can never remember the name of former UK Prime Minister David Cameron unless I first say “Prime Minister Pig Fucker.” When discussing contemporary global politics and who is responsible for the current shit show, this becomes incredibly cumbersome. Consequently, I’ve just stopped talking about world politics to avoid the inappropriate mnemonic altogether.

My current substitute for global politics in conversation—investigating claims of celebrity bestiality….

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