Victory? Not Quite…

A year ago, I left World of Warcraft citing two reasons:

  1. The continued presence of Gorge the Corpsegrinder based on the homophobe George Fischer from Cannibal Corpse and,
  2. The presence of in-game cultural artifacts given to the Horde that the Alliance do not have (to-wit, two rock bands).

The first point has been remedied. The second point has not.

Blizzard will never show us the righteously slaughtered corpses of the ”Tauren Chieftains” and the other band that plays at the Darkmoon Faire. They’ll never remedy the fact that the Alliance were ignored and treated horribly by developers and artists for over a decade.

Further, the developers have decided to corrupt a main character many gay Alliance players anticipated coming-out. The king-priest of the Alliance, Anduin Wrynn, was long thought by many to be gay. This was important for gay people because Anduin was not only the ”perfect twink” but because he was holy. For gay people, denial to mainstream religion is a fact of life. That the most powerful priest of the holy light would be gay would’ve been something to celebrate, to dignify gay people by recognizing our spirituality and giving us a special place—at least in a virtual world—of religious authority. But they allowed him to be corrupted and turned into an instrument of evil.

Blizzard does not care about its gay fans or its Alliance player base. They care about trying to remedy the damage they’ve done. But the damage is too extensive. The company’s sexism, racism, homophobia, and transphobia have been exposed and they’re doing damage control—that’s it. They’re removing and renaming at long last but only after they got busted by the state of California. But they’ve also damaged the game with meaningless systems that they’re now having to undo. Further, they’ve damaged the story and have wrecked the glorious (possibly) gay priest-king Anduin.

Moreover, they are trying to redeem Sylvanas Windrunner, a murderous banshee responsible for the deaths of 10,000+ in-game non-player character citizens. They’re granting a pass to genocide. Again, the developers are tone-deaf and ignorant.

It was fun while it lasted, but the game is broken beyond repair on multiple levels. There is no purpose in returning.

Shriek into the Void...

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