WoW’s Toxic Community: I Blame the Forums

Instead of blaming Asmongold for WoW’s toxic community, the Blizzard developers would do well to look at how they manage their forums. Anyone who complains about the game and how developers treat classes and factions is immediately ostracized, harassed, or even given a ban or warning without much of an appeal allowed.

As long as someone sucks Vrakthris’ asshole sufficiently, they can be as rude and abusive to any other player on the forum to their heart’s content. I know this first hand. If Blizzard wants to blame someone for the toxic community, they can start with their lead forum moderator and his gaggle of hateful pawns.

I recall a few years ago when I first complained of mind control mechanics being used on spirits in battlegrounds. I was harassed, mocked, and harangued. Vrakthris stepped in to inform me that I was describing something that was impossible. “Not even our devs can do that!”

One, two, skip a few—several weeks later, this exploit was finally realized. Yes, people were seizing control of enemy player’s “ghosts” in the game and moving them around the board against their owners’ wills. Was there an apology or recognition of how wrong Vrakthris was? Fuck no. Why? Because a toxic asshole was allowed to moderate the toxic shitshow that are the World of Warcraft players’ forums.

If Blizzard wants to see a decrease in player toxicity, they’ll shut down their forums and fire the forum moderators.

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