Let’s Consider Something Here…

AOC: Fighting to force Pelosi to recall the House to extend the moratorium on evictions. She’s anti-Hillary, pro-Bernie.

Synema: Voted AGAINST raising the minimum wage and has been largely in lock-step with Moscow’s bitch Moscow Mitch. Pro-Hillary, anti-Bernie, endorsed by Hillary.

Manchin: Voted AGAINST protecting civil rights and voting rights among other progressive causes that are direly needed. Pro-Hillary, anti-Bernie, endorsed by Hillary.

Biden: Just told the House prior to adjourning that THEY had to extend the moratorium on evictions (as per court order) 24-hours before the House adjourned, has reinstated Trump policies regarding the border, can’t push his party to advance much-needed legislation (despite DNC control of both chambers), refuses to alleviate student loan debt, refuses to address the need for Medicare-For-All. Hillary surrogate, anti-Bernie, endorsed Hillary and endorsed by Hillary.

Kamala Harris: Incapable of quelling dissent in her own office, has demonstrated a short temper with the press, unwilling to overrule the Senate parliamentarian to advance much needed progressive legislation. Pro-Hillary, anti-Bernie, endorsed by Hillary.

Pelosi: Weak sister who doesn’t understand the GOP won’t play nice, refuses to take much needed measures to limit the assignments of GOP reps who colluded with January 6th terrorists, adjourned the House BEFORE resolving the problem with evictions. Pro-Hillary, anti-Bernie, anti-AOC. Endorsed by Hillary.

The Clintons are NOT progressives. The Clintons are NOT the friends of the working class. The Clintons and their surrogates do not care about your fate at all.

Bernie and AOC represent the TRUE left. The others are just GOP lite—same awful policies, better lip-service.

Shriek into the Void...

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