And then I was going off…

I was at a friend’s earlier today and one of his cousins was bitching about Joe Biden. Well, I bitch about Joe Biden but I bitch because he’s not a true leftist. To hear this shit-wit tell it, Biden was Stalin himself come back from the dead. His information, such as it was, lacked substance and when I asked where he’d heard it, he replied, “InfoWars.”

I told him Alex Jones was an idiot who was only slightly smarter than his followers.

The guy tried to get in my face and demanded to know, “Why is it you think you got the answers and I don’t?”

And then I was going off.

This is the gist of what was said, though I’ve cut back on the profanity. “Listen, dipshit. I’ve a BSc in mathematics, an MA in liberal studies, an MS in psychology, and an MFA in writing popular fiction. I’ve just passed my first year of doctoral studies and am carrying a 3.90 GPA. When I look at international want ads, I see a lot of demand for my skills. None of those ads ever demand a candidate who is versed in bullshit conspiracy theories, sexism, racism, and homophobia. If Alex Jones’ bullshit was truth, people could extract value from it–physical value. But they don’t do that because when you stick your hands in the shit InfoWars serves up, you just get messy hands.”

The guy got mad and stormed out. My friend just rolled his eyes.

Seriously. It’s time to start letting the conspiracy nuts know how stupid we think they are.

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