Biden has already failed…

The SCOTUS stands poised to overturn Roe v Wade.

Student loan debt continues to spiral out of control.

Following the pandemic, most restaurant workers no longer want to work for the pittance called the minimum wage (which is even lower than normal for servers).

The January 6th treason remains unanswered for and the perpetrators are getting slaps on the wrists for punishment despite their evil intentions and destructive natures.

Joseph Robinette Biden could alleviate or help accelerate much of this to pull us through our suffering. But he’s not doing that, he won’t do that, and most tragic of all–he doesn’t understand why he should do it. He doesn’t understand the common man.

Congratulations, folks in Deep South! You fucked us all–again. Thanks, Georgia! Thanks to the rest of the Confederacy! We could’ve have real change, but you fuckers fell for the bullshit.

2022 is going to suck. 2024 is going to suck worse.

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