Adulting in Alabama in the Time of COVID

Listen, I’m vaccinated. I’ve had both my shots and both were the Moderna vaccine. I got them as soon as I discovered I was eligible to receive them. I got them at Walmart; they were free of charge.

Yesterday, Governor Kay Ivey, a woman with whom I disagree with politically on a number of issues, found new love from me when she declared that the unvaccinated are responsible for the rise of the delta variant. Truer words were never spoken by any politician anywhere at any point in time. It has all the hallmarks of being as offensive and blunt a testimony to the state’s gestalt–somewhat petty and vindictive–but damn, does it serve a wonderful purpose. Nobody but the Governor of Alabama could’ve said it so plainly and Lord only knows it needed saying.

Since then, some have wondered why Alabama doesn’t create an incentive program to get people vaccinated. To these folks I would say, “Grow up.” I find it beyond belief that grown adults still require a toy from the toy chest to get their shots. The prize, folks, is that you might not die an awful death from a now largely mitigable disease. You might not give it to your friends and family and they, in turn, might not die from it.

The prize is life.

And I must recognize in this statement that Governor Ivey, who signed the most Draconian anti-abortion bill in history, merits my reevaluation. Her values are pro-life; those values extend to life outside of the womb, it would seem. I still advocate for complete bodily autonomy for women and men alike, but I can appreciate that Governor Ivey is consistent in her belief system and her decisions are truly driven by her sense of morality.

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