Activision-Blizzard: Well, I Did Inform You Thusly…

Over a decade ago, on multiple forums across the Internet, I sounded the alarm about Blizzard’s openly toxic and homophobic corporate culture. I was mocked and ridiculed.

Then I was proven right.

Blizzard tried to make a few changes to smooth things over (especially after George “Fucks His Mama’s Corpse” Fissure was platformed at BlizzCon to make homophobic remarks about the Alliance player faction.)

Now, Activision-Blizzard has been charged by the State of California with fostering a toxic, sexist workplace.

Go fucking figure.

When shit-stains like Samwise “I Hate Half My Fans For Liking Blue Over Red” Didier can nod and applaud as a thick-necked bigot with a nickname like “Corpsegrinder” spouts homophobic hate, then the company is rotten to the fucking core. Seriously. The founders of Blizzard were shit and enshrined their disdain for gay people and women into their game’s digital DNA.

It’s time for Azeroth to die. It’s time for the World of Warcraft to finally rest in peace. There’s no saving the dumpster fire that is Blizzard. Let it burn.

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