Final Fantasy XIV Defeats World of Warcraft

Final Fantasy XIV has, apparently, defeated World of Warcraft as the emperor of the MMORPGs. After a 16-year run, WoW has finally been reduced to second place in the MMO universe. Though, to be fair, this isn’t because FFXIV is amazing, but because WoW managed to kill itself and FF was the biggest title left in the room.

When a Blizzard developer decided to comment positively on a thread calling for the online harassment of popular WoW streamer Asmongold, many WoW enthusiasts finally took note. The fact that the devs don’t care about top-tier streamers suggests that they really don’t care about the rest of us poor dumb schmucks. I’ve understood this for quite some time and have not been back to the game since quitting last year.

Ultimately, WoW killed itself. In the end, disrespecting the fan base has reduced Azeroth to a second-rate tourist trap in cyberspace.

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