A Word on the CRT Issue…

Let’s be clear: Critical Race Theory isn’t understood by most people, especially the twerps and pea-brains in the theoretical humanities who’ve managed to abuse every theory and framework the social sciences employ. In truth, CRT is a great thing but it belongs in political science and law (where it was created) because that’s what it pertains to–issues of law.

This is really the problem with CRT: it belongs in the law where it does good. It’s not the blanket statement “all white people are racist.” That’s what those dolts in the theoretical humanities think it means. In truth, CRT’s central tenant hinges on economic justice as a form of racial justice by observing that “color blind” laws intended to be punitive tend to punish the poor more harshly than the rich. Since there’s a relatively disproportionate number of poor people of color, these laws tend to punish people of color at disproportionately higher rates than they do white people.

You can’t fight for social justice until you fight for economic justice. Economic justice–a living wage, free higher education, and medicare for all–are vital to the future of our American democracy. When people make a living wage, hiring an attorney to fight an unjust arrest may still be costly, but it’s not impossible. When people have medical coverage, choosing between food, medicine, rent, and utilities for the month isn’t a thing. When people have access to free higher education, then the power of knowledge is unleashed and the world’s chaos yields to order in enlightened hands.

But let’s also look at some of these laws that are being presented to combat CRT. They are couched to deny “racist speech” on campus. It’s interesting that the centrist-leftists are screaming about this as they worked diligently to deplatform and disinvite noted speakers simply because some people thought those speakers were racists (case in point: Jordan B. Peterson who is actually not racist, nor homophobic, nor transphobic, nor sexist–he just objects to compelled speech).

And that’s what these anti-CRT laws are: compelled speech, or, rather, compelled silence. They effectively bind the tongues of professors and keep them from teaching a subject that politicians do not like. This is why free speech is critical to the future of our society. The professors who teach CRT in law and political science must be free to teach it; it isn’t anti-white racism at all, but a fair and just critique of the consequences of wage slavery, poor education, and the high cost of medical care in America. If the shit-wits in gender studies and literary analysis would give it a rest and let the social sciences do their thing in peace, this wouldn’t even be an issue.

Free speech is vital to our society. These laws violate the First Amendment’s guarantee and are an insult to academics who truly understand what CRT is and how it should be applied. If anyone tells you otherwise, they’re idiots.

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