No, people aren’t returning to work because those meager checks are so awesome. Look closer.

“People aren’t returning to work because they like being on welfare!” I can’t help but overhear it, but I can walk away from it. The toothless turd who just let that one fly out of his head probably doesn’t know how to spell “economics” let alone wrap his mind around its central concepts (e.g. the marginal propensity to use mathematics). But he’s wrong and I know he’s wrong. Here’s what’s up….

People really don’t want to be on welfare and they like to feel useful. Hence, why people take pride in their jobs. But when an employer doesn’t take pride in their employees, when the bosses lay you off after years of devotion and service, it wounds.

“We’re only keeping on essential personnel,” the manager declares.

But then if I’m laid off, was I just a frivolous expense? Was my work not good enough? Was I not essential? And, if not, then why did I work overtime? Why did I bust my ass to get here on time for years? Why did I put forth my best effort?

The truth is, we’ve replaced tangible benefits for workers with bullshit like praise. In Alabama, someone can be shorted quite a bit of money with recognition. “Well, you’re a hard worker–hardest worker I’ve seen–and this looks great. But I can only afford to pay you 80% of what we agreed upon.” And like that, the value of labor goes from liquid capital to rancid semen staining the workers’ ears. I’ve seen this happen and I’ve seen the “hard worker” get the shitty end of the stick with a wide smile and deep appreciation for the son-of-a-bitch who just robbed him.

This pandemic has shown us that this kind of simpleton’s thinking about the value of labor is detrimental to society. People aren’t returning to their old jobs because they feel disrespected by those old jobs, want to find better jobs, and they need more money than they were making before.

Basically, companies like American Airlines laid off thousands of workers, gave their CEOs huge salaries for killing jobs, and now wonder why there’s a labor shortage. There wouldn’t be a labor shortage if these companies had done the right thing, helped their workers through this past year, and tried to truly show that they respected and valued their employees labor. They didn’t; they took bailouts, low interest loans, and still laid off their workers.

“Pardon me while I shit all over you for a year. Now, come back to work for me.”

That’s not going to cut it, chief.

What’s on the American worker’s mind right now? Job security. Or, more precisely, job security security.

What are these billion dollar industries doing to prepare for the next pandemic? What will workers do when this happens again? Who will step up and take a bite out of their own profit margins to alleviate the hardship of those who have less than enough already? Moreover, will praise start coming with a bonus?

While Clintonite Democrats like Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin labor to thwart helping the working class, Bernie Sanders and the Squad are leading the fight for economic reform. $hillbots would do well to hang their heads and think for a moment before trying to argue. Bernie was right and the pandemic proved it.

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