The Empty Man

I watched The Empty Man last night after a fantastic writer suggested it to me. (Thanks, Chris!) I found the movie enjoyable and a nice mix between noir and occult horror. It had enough action to keep me hooked and was intelligent enough to give me food for thought. No spoilers, but if you’re not aware that Buddhism isn’t a monolithic religion, it might trigger you.

At the center of the story is the question: Are we alone in our thoughts? The answer, for those who accept that the noosphere may be accessed, is No. Beyond that, I won’t divulge the story because spoilers. However, I will say that if you enjoy cerebral horror, this movie is a must.

I doubt, however, the philosofailures will be able to appreciate it. Anyone who didn’t enjoy A Dark Song probably doesn’t have the education to grasp the nuances involved in The Empty Man.

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