James Carville: Ugly, Often Wrong, but Right on This

The left has a wokeness problem.

Talking down to working-class whites alienates them, and the Democrats need those votes to succeed. The persistence of terms like “white privilege” (which may or may not exist–we can’t know for certain because the idiot who popularized the term didn’t do any research when she penned her moronic essay) and the ever-present “male fragility” (which is complete and utter bullshit because what many claim as “fragility” is, in truth, emotion–men have emotions, too and we’ve been told to express them except when we do we’re “fragile”) serve to drive a wedge between potential allies / voters and the party’s elitist heads.

Now, I don’t like Carville. His breath reeks of the stench of Hillary Clinton’s smeggy dick and what he understands about economics could fit in a thimble with room enough for Bill’s integrity. But he’s right on this point: If the Democrats can’t learn how to speak clearly and directly without insulting voters, there will never be the much promised and much needed Blue Wave.

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