Biden has already disappointed the true base of the DNC: Brace for Trump in 2024

Unless Donald Trump is in prison orange (and there’s no reason to expect him to be), he might just become POTUS again in 2024.

Already, the soft-center DNC is letting us down. Pelosi, Biden, and Harris have shown they don’t have the slightest intention of fixing the corruption in our nation by dealing with conservative traitors and seditionists in our midst. There’s been no real effort made to purge the traitors from Congress–those low-life scumbags who made the January 6 sedition possible. The privilege of the writ of habeas corpus remains intact despite the state of open rebellion right-wingers have created. Meanwhile, Biden has taken no steps to punish the murderous crown prince of Saudi Arabia for his role in the death of an America-based reporter.

Biden has also failed to address the student loan crisis in an effective manner. We also don’t hear anything about Medicare for All.

In short, Biden is precisely what I knew he (and Hillary Clinton) would be: a Bankercrat shill who isn’t at all interested in helping the people as much as he wants to help his billionaire backers. He, like so many other rich-bitch Democrats, hopes identity politics will carry him through while he quietly ignores the dwindling middle class and the problems of hundreds of millions of Americans.

The reason Trump lost and Biden won was because Trump ignored the needs of the working class in the Rust Belt. If Biden doesn’t recognize the needs of the people who are hurting right now, we’ll be saddled with the orange idiot once more.

Either the Democrats don’t see the existential threat to the Union or they just don’t care–or both. Either way, thus far, Biden has earned a C- and it’s not looking like he’ll make a B before he leaves office.

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