“But it’s not the same thing!” The Goblin-Crowley-ship comes a-callin’…

I was targeted with a message the other day demanding I reconsider my position on Hellier. I was told that my linking occult-cryptozoology to far-right ideology wasn’t justified and (this is what gets me) that I needed to apologize for daring to imply that “spiritual” people were somehow in it for the money.

I laughed so hard, I actually puked.

When we start looking at the beliefs of many of the people at the Capitol, we find something familiar to Hellier–remember Amy’s allegation of satanic cults in the government? How is that significantly any different from the QAnon conspiracy that satanic cults are in the government? Oh, wait. Except that where Amy said it was the Marine Corps that was full of pedophile Satanists, QAnon insists it’s the DNC which is full of cannibal baby-rapist Satanists. Yeah, it’s the exact same brand of bullshit!

So what’s the harm? Well, when you get the same sort of malarky from different quarters (Q, Amy, crazy pre-school-mom Karens from the 1980s), then every story seems to validate or verify the others. That is, if you hear of Satanic conspiracies on Hellier and you have doubts, those doubts may be dispelled by QAnon, or by irresponsible contemporary news coverage of the Satanic Panic and the West Memphis Three case.

“You have to prove what you’re saying,” I’m told in another paragraph.

OK. Fine. By Hellier standards of proof? Easy. I came across a used condom on the side of the road when I was walking today. The Secret Chiefs of the Third Order sent me a sign. For those of you not beyond the introductory material in Magick: Book 4 let me explain:

Used Condom > Spent Balloon > Tin Can

That’s not me, man. That’s Crowley–100%–OK, fine, 93%.

Seriously. What does it take for people to pull the blinders off their eyes and see the truth? Platforming dangerous bullshit is dangerous.

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