Subcultures in Crisis: Why the Hellier Team Must Stop–IMMEDIATELY

The Twitter feed of The Daily Grail is now reporting on something that many in the occult community already knew. That is, that the author of the Hellier-team-touted book The Rebirth of Pan, one Jim Brandon, is actually William Grimstad, a notorious white supremacist and Holocaust denier.

From day one, the Hellier team has acted irresponsibly. Several of my readers have reached out to me to inform me of various abuses and problems that they have encountered in daily life after their involvement with the Hellier production. Because I would jeopardize the safety of others were I to mention many of these claims, I have refrained from posting these accounts. However, this latest revelation pushes the narrative in a direction that needs to be remedied.

In the wake of the Nashville Bombing, no amount of disavowal can rectify the truth: The Hellier “investigators” are careless in their approach and playing with dangerous material. This stuff isn’t dangerous because “the cryptids will get ya.” It’s dangerous because it is so closely tied to militant, far-right ideologues that are known to use violence as a way to achieve their goals. The “investigators” don’t have the education, training, or insight to understand what they are doing and why this could end badly for those who would follow in their footsteps.

The Hellier team, and those associated with them, must stop. Production needs be damned, there are too many red flags on the field to justify continuing with the fun little romp through the woods. The Hellier crew are, either intentionally (doubtful) or unintentionally (due to their gross naïveté) exposing their viewers to dangerous ideas written by shadowy figures motivated by murky agendas linked to dangerous ideologies. If they have a shred of integrity left to them, they will apologize and end their production forthwith. Perhaps season 3 (hopefully the last season they make) will see them investigating the problems they’ve caused and actively apologizing to those whose lives they have wrecked.

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