Cozened by Biden, the Left Must Look for Leadership Elsewhere

Already Joe Biden is attempting to abandon the Progressive cause. In a conference call with several Civil Rights leaders, Biden has promised to undo everything Trump signed into existence through Executive Order by issuing countermanding orders of his own. However, he will not use this singular power to advance much-needed change in America.

True to bankercrat form, Biden insists that the “rule of law” be preserved, but nobody really cares about that at present; we’re in the thick of lawlessness as it stands and need immediate relief for several key problems. Biden’s desire to work across party lines is horribly out-of-touch with the Republican-engineered reality of government by executive fiat, and any effort he makes to recognize the established means of government will be hindered in the Senate by the likes of Rand Paul.

So what does this all mean? It means Biden (and the broader swath of Democrats in both legislative chambers) are throwing blacks and gays under the bus once again for the sake of “working with” people who have repeatedly demonstrated their unwillingness to work with anyone who doesn’t think exactly like they do. Biden can undo Trump’s damage, but pulling the splinter out of the deep red wound won’t do anything for the infection that has set in, and the GOP won’t do anything to treat the malady they caused.

Biden won the primary through trickery, much as Clinton won it before him. It should have been Bernie and anyone on the left who isn’t a shillocrat for the banker-class knows it.

I hope Biden enjoys his four years in office. Romney is going to trounce him in 2024.

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