Reflections on the OTO: Part II — Drug Abuse

Until I joined the OTO at 19, I was a casual smoker of marijuana. By the time I left the OTO, I’d sampled every “strange drug” I could and was starting to develop a psychological immunity (burn out) to pot. Of course, witnessing my immediate superior in the Order–the then-camp-master-later-oasis-master of Midnight Sun Camp/Oasis–shoot-up cocaine didn’t really help me conquer my own inner demons.

The hypocrisy of drug abuse in the OTO was apparent in the sliver of paper tacked to the wall beside the front door of the Midnight Sun Camp master’s apartment: an official proclamation (under his own imprimatur, no less) that drugs and drug use were both prohibited on the property. The same man would later attempt to bully members into buying weed from him.

Later, I would witness this same man drink straight 190 proof clear grain alcohol before participating in the initiation of a group of Perfect Initiates. That the Hell-Broth would later burn out prematurely should’ve been first and foremost on his mind, but it wasn’t. Alcoholism is an ugly thing.

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