Reflections on the OTO: Part I — Homophobia

The Ordo Templi Orientis (OTO) is a horribly homophobic organization. I speak from personal experience when, as a member, I attended the Gnostic Mass and was, on more than one occasion, bullied into reciting the female lines in the anthem of the Gnostic Mass.

As a gay man, I never identified as a woman. But, when there weren’t enough women at a Mass to balance the men’s voices, I was repeatedly bullied into assuming the role by people such as Daniel O. Delage and Allen Greenfield. At one point, when a brother saw my discomfort, he volunteered to fill the needed feminine role only for Greenfield to scold, “No! Victor has to do it because he’s gay.”

If a gay man identifies as a man, he is as much of a man as any straight man in the room. Pressuring gay men into assuming women’s roles in ritual is simply homophobic.

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