Why did Trump lose?

Trump made gains among all demographics except one this time around. Who were the people who rejected Trump’s message and saved Biden’s bid for POTUS? White men.

Blue-collar white men do not vote based on ideology alone. To this economically disadvantaged group, one thing matters most of all: jobs. Working class Americans define themselves largely by their jobs; for many such people, they are their jobs and without their livelihoods they find no purpose in life. Being able to pay the rent, keep the lights on, and put three squares per day on the kitchen table means more to them than all of the talking points, flag waving, and sloganeering any candidate can offer.

Hillary lost in 2016 because she threatened the jobs of coal miners. The rust belt backed Trump. Blue collar white men view a threat to their livelihoods as a threat against their lives.

Trump lost in 2020 because he failed to help these men during the COVID-19 crisis. Had the GOP, instead of being the usual pack of stingy assholes they are, offered another cash stimulus to the working class, Trump would’ve taken Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin.

Fortunately for Joe Biden, the GOP leopard can’t change its spots. Out of touch with the working class of America, out of touch with the economic reality of millions, the Republican Party can only hope the Democrats become as tone-deaf as they are if they ever wish to capture the White House again.

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