A Reflection on the Election

While we wait for the final tally to come in, an observation on the US election of 2020.

First, there was no “blue wave.” The Democrats failed, once again, to inspire confidence in the American voter. This is because they refused to acknowledge their blue-collar roots and speak to the working class in a way that reflects humility, sincerity, and genuine understanding.

Second, all members of the Bernie-backed / Bernie-endorsing “Squad” have been reelected to the US House of Representative. These four women are not Clintonistas at all and represent the core values of the FDR-Democrats. One of them did back Warren in the primary, but Warren has the benefit of not being banker-bought (and she doesn’t wear ugly-ass jackets that cost more than many rural Americans make in four months).

Hillary Clinton’s Armani jacket cost between $7,000 and $12,000. Nothing screams “I understand the working class!” like wearing a life-changing sum of money for one evening.

What this tells us is that progressivism is the true future of the left in America. Either the Democrats swallow their foolish pride and embrace the democratic socialist position advocated by young American leftists or the party will see its own Labour-from-Liberal event in the not-so-distant future.

Those who gloat about a Biden victory, however, fail to understand that the GOP still holds the Senate and could take the House in 2022. The mathematically, historically, and philosophically illiterate critics of so-called “rose twitter” would be wise to reflect for several days on these words before they start strutting about and thinking they’ve accomplished anything.

The future of the American left is democratic socialism. Any Democrat who tells you otherwise is just another wolf in cheap clothing.

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