Nothing Worth Doing is Easy; No Gain is Achieved without Sacrifice

If it sounds like I’m working out, it’s because I am. Well, not CrossFit or P90X or any of that–just walking around the block more during the day. But that’s part of my overall plan.

No, I’m not trying to get ripped in the off-season. I’m trying to disentangle myself from screens. I’m trying to get off of social media completely, stop shopping with Amazon, and stop using Google. Basically, I’m unplugging myself from the networks I couldn’t imagine living without–because life goes on without them.

I’ve disabled my Amazon account and all of the streaming services that go with it. I’ve quit FaceBook and World of Warcraft. I’m migrating everything from Google over to my Apple account. Basically, I’m giving up on convenience and ease of access in order to refocus myself on what’s truly important.

I don’t like the thought of big, multinational businesses controlling my thoughts and feelings. I don’t like being tracked online. I don’t want my information going out to help people market directly to me. “Want a new waffle iron?” Yes, I do–BUT NO! Fuck the waffle iron you breakfast-predicting inhuman algorithm! I’ll make pancakes instead and try to justify that they’re waffles sans texture. Further, I can’t justify eating a bunch of waffles with my diet being what it is. Oh–hey–here’s a gluten-free waffle mix I could use in my new waffle iron…if I was buying a new waffle iron. And no matter how much I want one, no–I’m not going to capitulate.

I also don’t like the direction a lot of companies are going with their review systems. Negative reviews have meaning and if a company thinks a product or service is receiving “too many negative reviews” then that’s not a problem (unless the company doesn’t know how to handle negative reviewers in a way that doesn’t make them feel unwelcome).

I won’t even get started on the problem of monopsonies and monopolies….

So now, when I want to get online without a clear reason, I pick up my trumpet and play it, or I go for a walk, or I read something in a book.

So there it is. My plan. I am letting it all go. I’ve made my mantra “Turn on, tune in, and unplug.” It’s time to disconnect from the life I’ve been handed but never sought. It’s time to seek the life I once had but never knew.

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