Banned for being a homophobe?

I was banned on a gay subreddit for being a homophobe.

No shit. Me. The guy who put the “ho” in “homosexual.”

What got me banned? Pointing out the obvious: That the so-called “gay community” is composed of largely vapid, insincere, narcissistic children who don’t care to organize or introspect.

Scientific proof was demanded. I laughed.

The ban hammer fell and the post was deleted by an angry moderator, but not before my post received numerous likes and even a special award from one user (also a gay man) that agreed with me.

Consider the evidence. When we think of “gay culture” what comes to mind? I’ll wait.

(Jeopardy! music plays in the background.)

If you said “dance music, divas, gay bars, Pride parades, Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, and Ru Paul’s Drag Race“–you’re a winner!

If you said “DaVinci, Turing, Hadrian, Hellenism, Newton, and the collected works of Gore Vidal” then you’re about to get banned because those things are Verboten in the new queer regime.

Let’s be honest: gay culture is all about appearance. From obsession over hair, to penis size, to body fat percentages, to drag it’s all about how you look, how you dress, and how much snappy shade you can sling when you feel threatened.

As a subculture, we gays have been presented a variety of bread and circuses to keep us pacified. We don’t even seem to care that we’ve been given hand-me-down legislation that can evaporate in an instant should the makeup of the Supreme Court change significantly. We celebrate for no reason and we think we’re doing well in life when, in truth, we’re not.

I fear that our obsession with the surface stems from our fear of exploring the unplumbed depths of the gay soul itself. Despite the stereotypical appreciation of Judy Garland, we have yet to spy the man behind the curtain and understand that all we’re experiencing in life is, in truth, illusion.



  1. As an “older” gay man I’m not surprised by the way you were treated by the moderator on reddit. LGBTQ present themselves to the world as accepting, progressive and open-minded. That may be the case for most but there’s a significant segment of the community who treats other LGBTQ who are not “like them” with contempt and b*tchy comments. Where I live they act like immature high schoolers who gossip, do each others hair and criticize others.

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