So, why the change?

I came to the conclusion that, while venting is fantastic and people on the Internet tend to applaud the rants with which they agree, it serves no useful purpose in the long-term.

I’ve been using the Pacifica app for better mental health, mainly to gauge its reliability and validity, and the program works like a dream.

While I still harbor many of the same emotions I held about previous events, I am no longer fixated on them. I am moving on.

Inadvertently I began this process in 2016 when the DNC essentially robbed Bernie Sanders of the nomination. As a Bernie supporter, I felt that the Democrats had behaved in an underhanded fashion (this suspicion proved correct given the testimony in the Florida case against Debbie Wasserman-Schultz) and I resolved not let the inevitable Trump Presidency bother me.

I’m now applying this same philosophy to other aspects of my life and the transformation has been amazing.

You don’t need to get worked up over what you can’t control–and you shouldn’t.


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