Update: The Metablog

As you can see I’ve done some cleaning up around here.

There have been some questions and I’ll be happy to answer them now….

  • I’m taking the blog in a new direction that promotes the ideas that interest me.
  • I’m refocusing the blog away from political topics for the purpose of my own mental health and because online political discourse doesn’t do a damned thing.
  • A variety of topics will be covered including writing, popular fiction, mathematics, gardening, coding, psychology, history, robotics, gaming, AI, music, astronomy, etc.

Some have asked me about my adventure in absurdist academia that garnered so much attention. The institution in question was placed under a fine lens and the persons that could do something about the climate that fostered the incident were made acutely aware of what happened. I am happy with the outcome and will leave it at that.

That just leaves the all-important “Why?”

I’ve been contemplating the Internet problem for a few years and have come to the conclusion that the great issue with online speech isn’t the divide between left and right, the gap between women and men, or any of the fissures that serve to separate people by race, orientation, nationality, and religion. The division on the Internet lies between useful and useless content, between mealy-mouthed open-ended harangues and something that actually helps someone else improve his world. A blog post by an electrician detailing how to replace a switch in the wall does more for humanity than any amount of tongue-clucking about the environment, Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, Russia, China, banking, economics, or any of that.

In the end, blogs can either provide positive content or they’re just contributing to the ongoing online feud that’s slowly destroying civility. FaceBook and Twitter are the platforms for that level of shit-talking; this blog should serve a better purpose.

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