No, the MAGA hat kids are not victims…

The children in DC who engaged a Native American elder were called out on their posturing. Then the narrative changed and everyone is sorry for being “so mean” to them.

I’m not sorry, and here’s why….

For straight people, justice comes quickly. The children from Covington, KY have pretty much been exonerated for responding to Black Hebrew Israelites who called them a slew of derogatory names including “faggot.” It seems to be this word that truly set off the children.

The children asked their chaperone if they could respond with a “school song” or some kind of school chant. They chaperone approved. That’s when the noise drew the attention of revered Native American elders holding a ceremony nearby.

Black Hebrew Israelites are well known for their homophobia. They throw around terms like “faggot” and “sodomite” with impunity. There are a slew of videos online showing the truth of this group and how they perpetuate lies about the gay community. The Black Hebrew Israelites have been on my radar for a long time–much as I was aware of the Westboro Baptist Church for over a decade before everyone decided that group was offensive for picketing the funerals of dead soldiers.

And that’s the problem: These groups exist, there are more than a few of them in the world, they’re violent and hateful toward gay people, and they only become a problem when their antics intersect with straight society.

When the “sudden wave” (read: “everyday event that’s been happening for decades”) of gay suicides appeared on the news in about 2010, the response from straight “allies” was “It gets better.” We were supposed to tell ourselves that and try to find a way to be OK. The abuse would continue, the bullying would continue, the hate would continue but “It gets better.”

The chaperone should’ve told the kids, “It’ll get better”–because it would have once their buses arrived and they left. Instead, a counter-assault was authorized revealing the unmitigated privilege of wealth enjoyed by these brats and the homophobic bigots who accompanied them.



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