Going to Bat for Chuck Wendig

You know, I learned about what happened to Chuck Wendig and I found it somewhat ironic. Then I thought more on the subject and I boiled. Here’s why…

This whole “You can’t have a political life” in writing is bullshit because it limits the writer’s freedom of speech. And it’s a phenomenon that hits the struggling, up-and-coming, and mid-range writer harder than it does the established author who pens instant block-busters (I’m looking at you Stephen King and J.K. Rowling.)


There’s no reason to boycott, terminate, or otherwise destroy the professional life of a writer just because they’re polarized or polarizing. As a consumer, I have no idea the politics of the farmers that feed me and I don’t think I care so long as they do their jobs in a professional way.


The argument that Wendig’s posts were in some sense vulgar or inappropriate is moot. But then such arguments must be rendered moot across the board. If Vox Day suddenly pens the Great American Novel, so be it. Ditto Chuck Wendig. If the product moves and the supplier delivers, then why should a consumer change brands?


So I think Marvel is wrong in this. If they wanted to terminate Wendig because they didn’t like the quality of his work, that’s fine. But firing a creative because they have strongly held political beliefs is bullshit; the fear of being fired for expressing yourself automatically limits the expression of the author.


Even if Wendig is involved in the call-out / career-wrecking / mace-in-the-face culture we’ve devolved into, the freedom of speech must be held inviolate. Any notion of “ironic justice” in this case is misplaced. The cliché about two wrongs and a right holds. Chuck Wendig didn’t deserve this because nobody deserves this. Not even the people Chuck Wendig may believe deserve it.


So, once again, Marvel is wrong in this.


That said, I’ve only read excerpts from Star Wars: Aftermath and I wasn’t impressed. I’m not saying it’s good or bad, just that I don’t feel inclined to read it given what I’ve already seen. If it cranks your shaft, that’s fine.




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