The Kavanaugh Hearings & Social Media

My FaceBook feed is an unreadable scrimmage of pro- and anti-Kavanaugh posts. All I want to do is post moth/lamp memes.

Every day I see more posts from my right-wing friends: This is all bullshit! How dare they! Who do these liberals think they are? There seems to be some confusion over how the legislature has been handling appointments to the high court in recent years. Mitch McConnell, after all, held up hearings on Merrick Garland, a man legally appointed by then-President Obama, in order to take a chance on the 2016 election hoping a conservative would become POTUS. It happened, Donald Trump became POTUS, and almost 1 year after Justice Scalia’s death, we finally had a fully functioning SCOTUS once more. If turn-about-is-fair-play, then we should wait almost 1 year to appoint any nominee to the SCOTUS. I mean, that’s what happened with Scalia’s replacement, so it should happen here, too. Unless you’re ready to admit that McConnell corrupted the process for partisan gains.

And if you think a delay in appointment is that egregious, why aren’t you demanding McConnell be impeached?

I believe her! Do you even know what rape culture is? He’s a rapist! OMG, he cried on TV–what a coward! My leftist friends are no better. Despite their inflated preening about equal rights and social justice, they’ve forgotten that all persons in this country accused of a crime have the right to the presumption of innocence until they are proven guilty. They also conflate problems in the developing world with their own ideas: rape culture exists, but not in the US where we have laws to punish rapists. It drives me, a teacher of history, absolutely nuts to hear these idiots yammer on about “rape culture in America.” Honey, there’s no rape culture here–maybe police and attorneys with bad attitudes toward the crime of rape–but in a genuine rape culture, a woman who reports a sexual assault to the authorities often becomes the property of her rapist or she gets stoned to death in a linen sack.

As for men showing their emotions, since when do you object to men crying on TV? I thought Steven Universe was the only cartoon with a male lead your kids could watch. You’ve been going on and on about “toxic masculinity” (by-the-way, there’s no such thing) and how it ruins young men. Well, aren’t tears cathartic, Becky?

What truly irritates me about both sides in this is how everyone thinks they have a right to an opinion on this. Everyone thinks their side is doing the right thing. Everyone is willing to listen to their own talking-heads but not willing to consider the opposing position. Few people on either side seem to understand the process at all.

Conservatives: What if he did sexually assault young women in his past? Doesn’t that bother you at all? Unless you’re not really for law and order as you often proclaim. And that speaks volumes to your opposition to any effort at police reform and due process. Get over yourselves, hypocrites.

Liberals: Our system of jurisprudence is designed to protect everyone. When you demand it’s changed to serve your vision of what is just, you’re assuming you possess perfect knowledge and perfect morality. You don’t. Get over yourselves, hypocrites.

And here’s the thing: This nomination is going to happen. The line is drawn. The sides are entrenched. Your memes and outrage on FaceBook mean nothing. Kavanaugh will, unless someone hands over a video of him raping a woman, be seated by this afternoon. Your ire does nothing. Your gloating does nothing. Your desires for what should be and what will be mean nothing. You’re trying to care about the appointment but neither of you cares about fair process–and that’s what pisses me off about this whole damned shit show.

“But he’s a rapist!” “But they’re liberals!” “But Trump!” “But Make America Great Again!”


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