The Man in the High Castle: Anticipating Season 3

Amazon’s amazingly relevant serial adaptation of Philip K. Dick’s classic novel, The Man in the High Castle, is slated to return on October 5th. My expectations have been severely diminished by revelations in a new teaser.

Spoilers ahead.

The following trailer seems to have a lot of promise. But it differs from Dick’s view of the world in TMitHC in one significant way.

The beauty of Dick’s novel was that the journey between universes happened as the result of a shift in perception brought about by desperation. This is how the Japanese Trade Minister is able to leave his reality for the reality of America in the early 1960s. Season one ended beautifully with that–the subtle slip between worlds that results from urgent need. This feature of their traveling method helps the characters in the book come to realize, on some level, that they are just narrative elements and that several arcs will end poorly unless they escape to other versions of the same story. Imagine Jodorowsky, but subtle.

But now we get a technological “gateway to the multiverse.” The power of psychic displacement in time and space has been subverted by a machine. Granted, the machine may not work–and that’s the best outcome in my estimation–or it will scar the work, making the series little more than a rehash of Sliders from the 1990s.

Color me unimpressed with the teaser. TMitHC‘s universe doesn’t support this kind of technological skullduggery.

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