A Dark Song

Few films have ever moved me to tears, but this is one of them. (CONTAINS SPOILERS)

Horror doesn’t have to frighten. It’s not about jump-scares and gotcha moments. Horror is about experiencing the dark side of psyche, the hidden aspects of the self we cordon off from polite society. Horror explores the places we don’t usually go, inviting a journey of self-discovery as it evokes the Jungian Shadow.

In A Dark Song, the horror is very real, and the exploration of self finds a perfect vehicle in a woman’s desperate quest for revenge.

As the protagonist’s motivations are revealed, as her demons are evoked with the aid of a magician-for-hire who leads her through the infamous Abra-Melin working, her inner world and outer world collide to produce a sense of the uncanny in the great mansion she’s rented for the ceremony. Ultimately, she gets her wish–to hear her dead son’s voice once again–but only at terrible cost.

In the end, assailed by demons and mutilated, the heroine finds herself face-to-face with her Holy Guardian Angel. But now, at journey’s end, her desire for revenge has been forgotten. Apologizing, she asks the divine for something else, and this is where the tears fall….


Attaining the Knowledge & Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel



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