Taking a break from Social Media

I needed to get off of FaceBook.

Because Star Wars fans are the absolute worst about their cult. That new trailer–Christ Almighty, save me from the overblown hype.

Never mind that I’ve dealt with the issues present in The Force Awakens. Never mind I’ve spent the last five years of my life studying the constructions of story in spec-fic. No, no. I’ve no right to speak against the Blessed Prequels and Vestal Rey’s Nativity. (And I wouldn’t speak against the Holy Trinity itself but that the Church of St. Lucas needs a Reformation in the worst way.) Who the Hell do I think I am to call bullshit on a trailer that is–in truth–bullshit?

Why have a trailer? A bajillion people will see it opening night and then a bajillion more by week’s close to make it the top-grossing film of all time. I mean, they know they don’t have to sell this to anyone and the trailer itself reflects the fact. It’s just abstract and ominous with that lone, sad French Horn playing the familiar theme before the rest of the orchestra kicks in. OMG. TEH FEELS! TEH FEELS! (Teh fnords, more like it.)

But seriously. Seriously. It’s like college football season. And you ain’t gotta start shit on nobody’s wall if they don’t like your team. And it ain’t my fault you just love the Crimson Tide of science fiction. Because that’s what Star Wars has become–the lowest common denominator, rehashed and done to death, driven to the point of being nothing but a cash-cow. And it’s not even original–it’s following an arc laid out by Joseph Campbell and Sir Thomas Mallory–to the fucking letter. Twice.

I mean, I can call that shit. I know exactly what happens in the next two movies. How? I read The Hero with a Thousand Faces and L’Morte d’Arthur. It’s the same damned thing every time. And that’s fine. But don’t act like it’s new.

And while I’m on the subject, can we please stop rebooting everything? Can we get back to creating instead of just “reimagining?” Can we drop the franchise labels and CGI in exchange for good storytelling again? I loved a lot of the Star Trek franchise stuff (up until Voyager–the writing suffered as a result of being on network TV as opposed to syndication like TNG and the far more mature DS9) but now it’s stale, too. The first “reboot” movie was pretty awesome, but now it’s obvious they’re going to keep on keeping on until they fail–again.

We keep dredging up old franchises and old stories without questioning why they continue, why we continue to buy into them, or what it means to cinema and television as art. We accept poor writing in exchange for awesome visuals, amazing sound, and familiar beeps and whistles. We might as well forget the glass and drink our wine straight from the sack.

Once Game of Thrones is over, it won’t be over. They’ll have a prequel. It’s already being discussed and seems to be in the works. I can’t wait for the MMO…. OK, I can because I have WoW and RIFT.

And the thing is, right now I can name five series–novels–a mix of science fiction and fantasy that could be serialized and made fairly inexpensively. They’d be just as good as any rehashed thing going today.

It’s infuriating to watch the fanboy fallout from that stupid spot of film. It reminds me that people like to watch these things but don’t necessarily enjoy reading them–and that’s just fucking pathetic.

WTB Cometary Fragment.


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