A Small Victory Dance

Minor news to report, just a little happy dance for me….

I don’t want to speak out of turn, but a piece I wrote got shortlisted for consideration in a contest. That is, it passed first round consideration, is up for second, and if it passes that it’ll go to a panel of judges.

First prize is publication and $200. Second prize is $100, no publication. Third prize is $50, no publication.

So anyway…there’s that. I mention it now because I’m not holding my breath on passing second round consideration. It’s not that I lack faith in the piece–it’s that I know that there are other writers out there doing the same thing, hoping the same for themselves, and if they pass the first round then they’re at least as good as me.

It’s fun to have cleared the first hurdle. Hoping for the second and the third. It won’t burst my bubble if it ends here, though. I’ll keep you posted.

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