Instigation Prompt 1.335

Hell-Scape inspired by Dante’s Inferno.

Prompt 1.335

Virgil takes my hand,
leads me to a cave
known to Orpheus,
bids me
look within,
and gives me a shove,
so that forty feet
fly past
in the span
of mere seconds.

That I should take umbrage
at the cruel trick
to introduce me
to the vault
of Puffed-Up Non-Achievement,
the domain of the vain,
of Twitter twits
and triggered bloggers
to show you a mirror
in which all things
reflect to look
like Hitler.

By the scrotum Virgil leads me
even though I was wont to plead,
“Not so rough, not so tight”
down to a cavern
void of light.

In thick warm darkness
I felt panting
the unkind chuffs
of the too sedate,
who can neither
lift finger to act
or to learn,
but loaf about
indie games
all day

With a finger
in my Spartan pucker,
did force me

A child weeps
and points a finger
at our descent,
cries out
that it is my fault
as countless aghast
to the cause.

My guide
rebukes the crowd
as stones race
toward us
faster than
the accusations,
and we move on.

Behind the weeping child
I spy a figure
dressed in green,
whispering schemes
into the ears of
the young
around him,
and health
and justice,
but delivering
none of these.

Before I can
accost the churl
we move on
to darknesses deep
and recessed
in memory.

Here push and shove
the motley crowd,
but each upon
the other,
so that any one
faces the threat
of three;
this seems fair–
karmic symmetry.

From the pit
I came back up,
rose like smoke
and fire–
through the chambers
I had seen
back to lands
fecund and green.


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