What are these prompts? Why do them?

The daily prompts I post here are taken from Michael Arnzen’s book Instigation: Creative Prompts on the Dark Side. Among other things, the book contains 365 prompts to explore as a writer, scenarios and tools for constructing scenarios to be used in a short story or poem.

Each prompt demands I write something (and I select my prompts largely at random with the aid of WolframAlpha.) As I did not write the prompts, I don’t feel right hoarding these works in my “to be polished for publication” pile. Rather, I write them, give them a cursory edit or two, and put them out for all to see.

They’re my freebies to you, the reading public. Little gems you can enjoy or despise or scratch your head at and wonder “Why would anyone think about that?”

If you want to explore another take on the prompts, please see The Petulant Muse.

Shriek into the Void...

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