16 Habits of Mind

Excellent advice for writers.



The Habits of Mind are 16 problem-solving, critical-thinking skills that help people operate effectively, reason strategically, gain insight, persevere, build mastery, and be creative. I found this list in my pursuit to understand the human mind. This is chopped full of sound advice. Enjoy 🙂

1. Persist. Stick to the task at hand; Follow through to completion. Stay focused.

2. Manage impulsivity. Take time to consider options. Think before speaking or acting. Stay calm when stressed or challenged. Be thoughtful and considerate of others. Proceed carefully.

3. Listen with understanding and empathy. Pay attention to and do not dismiss another person’s thoughts, feeling and ideas. Put yourself in the the other person’s shoes. Share your stories when you can relate to others’ experiences. At the same time, hold thoughts at a distance in order to respect another person’s point of view and feelings.

4. Think flexibly…

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