A Note on Local Politics

Recently one of the larger towns in my county in Alabama decided to pass its own holier-than-thou restroom bill in an effort to…well…it’s bigotry. Just bigotry. I mean, it’s Alabama–Harper Lee died and I could feel the whole damned state slip to the right that much more. When I go to Seton Hill for residencies, I have to call down to Montgomery and let them know that the third-graders don’t have to sing the word “liberal” in the state song for a whole week.

It’s Alabama. It’s like that.

And delicate career concerns or no, the only way evil wins is for good men to do nothing.

So I’ve penned a polemic–an invective, even–against the City Council of Oxford, Alabama. It is now published in the local newspaper, The Anniston Star. I stand by my furious indignation and the righteousness of my cause. Let people pee where they will–it wasn’t a problem until the SCOTUS said the state can’t treat gays and lesbians like doormats when it comes to matrimony. Now they want to make the transgendered community the new target of their redneckery….

No. Not on my watch. Not without a snarky word, a nasty quip, an awful rejoinder to make my deepest and truest feelings on the subject absolutely known.

So to anyone who shares a TOC with me, suffers the bad reviews I incur, has to be dragged through the mud with me because I can’t stop tilting at windmills–I sincerely apologize. I can only offer my deepest and sincerest wish that you see the cause as worthy.

Alabama has a fine literary tradition–largely outside of Alabama. Unfortunately, retaliatory Amazon reviews happen. It could be helped, but that would mean being disloyal to myself and my deepest held views on social justice.

They say you can’t eat principles. Without my principles, I can seldom if ever eat.

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